A Closer Look at the R4 Card and Its Benefits

R4 Revolution or R4 DS are the other terms for the R4 card. It’s a revolutionary card that increases the working capabilities of Nintendo console and also brings you to new levels with gaming and other applications. In fact, the R4 card is quite useful as well as advantageous for Nintendo games, listening to music, watching movies, and even reading e-books. Additionally, it’s available in different dialects and brands, which makes it a multi-purpose hardware. This becomes beneficial in that R4 card can be adaptable to function in various brands and can as well be understood in various languages, thus affording wide use in the global scene.

What are the features of R4 Card?

It’s powerful

RDS gaming card is actually a must have accessory for everyone who owns Nintendo game console. The newest addition from the labs of R4 card, the R4DS is a little but an extremely powerful device which has the same size as the original NDS card. With this particular card, you don’t need to purchase any additional media components.

Its success

It’s now proven that this Nintendo gaming card is one of the most successful cards you’re going to find in the market today. R4 card was actually released more than two years ago and until now, it has managed to outsell all the other cards in its category. As a matter of fact, the newer cards with better features such as the Micro SDHC are no match for R4 Card.

Compatibility factor

R4 DS is absolutely the best Nintendo gaming flash card that is available in the market today. It has got a virtual ROM compatibility of almost 100% if at all you have the right memory card with you. Amazingly, even with the wrong memory cards, ROM compatibility is nothing less than 99%. Kingston Micro SD range is well-known to work better than the SanDisk Micro SD cards.

Good interface

The GUI interface for R4 Card is very easy to understand and also highly functional. No other cards can offer something that comes close to it. You also don’t need to worry about getting lost in display settings and system menus since the creators of the RDS kept all things as simple as possible.

Advantages of R4 card

  • Easy to install – You will never find it hard or difficult to align the card with your gaming console. If you’re unable to align it smoothly or even have a doubt of what you have done, then it’s advised to always make use of the user manual which is usually given to you.
  • You can access the internet via this Cartridge – You can browse on many websites and also enjoy downloading more games. Therefore, you can easily amplify your experience through R4 card.

Disadvantages of an R4 Card

  • Incompatibility – Not all games that are able to run on an R4 card. A number of the games have got traps in them thus they’re hard to be hacked.
  • An R4 card can be slightly hard to get.

It’s pretty sure that buying an R4 card can absolutely satisfy all your needs for entertainment.

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