How Can I Buy an R4 Card?

Before we get to buying an R4 card it is important first to explain what it is and also talk about its uses. An R4 card is an adapter used on handheld devices especially Nintendo to allow them to operate with larger memory. Enlargement of memory allows you to use more features like video players, music players and also enables you to store more image and video content. Gamers know it as the card that improves the working capability of the Nintendo gaming console and generally that’s what it does. The R4 card comes in two types:

1. The standard R4 memory card which works with Nintendo DS and
2. The R4i card that works with Nintendo DSi

The card also has further variations like the R4 advance, R4 deluxe, R4 SDHC, New R4, R4 DS upgrade and R4 pro which all basically work in the same way and are still R4 cards but the only difference being their different names. On the Nintendo device, the R4 card fits in the slot where the standard Nintendo card is inserted in fact it is of the same exact size as the Nintendo card. It can accept SD cards of up to 16GB but this is dependent on the version you have and on average it can hold 1 to 60 games at any one time depending on the size of the game.

How to buy an R4 card
It is important to buy R4 cards from an authentic and genuine source in order to get your money’s worth. The R4 card market is highly competitive and different companies try to outmaneuver each other in the fight for a bigger share of the market sometimes at the expense of quality. This makes the purchase of the card difficult since with companies producing low quality cards getting an original one can be challenging. Therefore before buying a card it is important to first do some research about the companies and compare the quality of cards they produce. The internet is a great tool that can be used for this research by checking the online reviews but an even better way is to visit online forums. This is because these are consumers communicating with each other and talking about their experiences with particular company cards including their disappointments and frustrations unlike reviews which are most likely skewed and possibly authored by the company itself. After you find the right company the next thing you do is look for a vendor who stocks that specific card you want and make the purchase.

Once you buy the card, the sale is not the only thing your vendor should do for you, he must also provide you with some kind of after sales service in that in case your card has a problem you can take it to them and they’ll take care of it. Also ensure the card you buy is compatible with the Nintendo version you have as mentioned above, R4 for the Nintendo DS and the R4i for the Nintendo DSi.

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Should R4 Cards Be Easily Available?

Generally, R4 cards are an incredible way to give you access to a number of games through the internet. With this card, games can be downloaded easily and plug your card into any portable Nintendo console instantly. However, if you want to move with your card easily, it is recommended to buy a carrying case to avoid losing your valuable investment.

Should R4 Cards be easily available to potential buyers? The answer is yes and no. The love for these cards has become trendy like the latest pulse. As a result, many dealers have emerged to make these cards available to buyers. Unfortunately, some dealers sell “bogus” cards which do not live up to what they promise. Therefore, it is important to compete for limited services of online dealers to ensure that you get high quality equipment at the cheapest price. Moreover, if you buy in bulk, you will attract handsome discount.

Why should R4 cards be easily available?

Do you have portable Nintendo consoles in your store? Have you ever thought on how to get more games in your device? Perhaps it is because you are on a tight budget. With R4 cards, all your games of your dreams and desires can be downloaded at a cheaper cost.

Secondly, R4 cards allows you to download a variety of supported applications like the word processing application. You can also buy the following applications; reminders, calendars, notes, reminders, graphics editing applications and even scheduling.

The R4 card can work with any operating system. The issue of compatibility should never worry you. Moreover, it supports an array of micro SD cards except the Micro SDHC cards. Additionally, it can be accessed through WiFi connection.

The R4 card allows you to get media of premium quality. If a media on the website allows you to download its content to the R4 card, that media will be made available to you in pristine quality. Remember, quality graphics make gaming interesting and lovable. You may have a misconception that the downloaded content may be of low quality which is below the industry standard. But the truth is, you will get the same quality as that acquired from play store.

Finally, R4 cards should be easily available because they have increased data security. Files can be stored safely in these cards left for long without fear of losing sensitive data. This technology has revolutionized the multimedia world. It is no surprise that many people are giving the cards an excellent rating and review.

Final verdict

Buying a R4 Card is a great move. It is a great way to increase the potential of the Nintendo system irrespective of whether it is for personal or professional use. Remember, this device is able to transform from a PDDA into a powerful gaming system in minutes. What are you waiting foe then? Buy one and be sure that you are owning the most popular tool. However, it is important to explore well the available websites to ensure that you get a card with the highest usability. Avoid fake stores!

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A Closer Look at the R4 Card and Its Benefits

R4 Revolution or R4 DS are the other terms for the R4 card. It’s a revolutionary card that increases the working capabilities of Nintendo console and also brings you to new levels with gaming and other applications. In fact, the R4 card is quite useful as well as advantageous for Nintendo games, listening to music, watching movies, and even reading e-books. Additionally, it’s available in different dialects and brands, which makes it a multi-purpose hardware. This becomes beneficial in that R4 card can be adaptable to function in various brands and can as well be understood in various languages, thus affording wide use in the global scene.

What are the features of R4 Card?

It’s powerful

RDS gaming card is actually a must have accessory for everyone who owns Nintendo game console. The newest addition from the labs of R4 card, the R4DS is a little but an extremely powerful device which has the same size as the original NDS card. With this particular card, you don’t need to purchase any additional media components.

Its success

It’s now proven that this Nintendo gaming card is one of the most successful cards you’re going to find in the market today. R4 card was actually released more than two years ago and until now, it has managed to outsell all the other cards in its category. As a matter of fact, the newer cards with better features such as the Micro SDHC are no match for R4 Card.

Compatibility factor

R4 DS is absolutely the best Nintendo gaming flash card that is available in the market today. It has got a virtual ROM compatibility of almost 100% if at all you have the right memory card with you. Amazingly, even with the wrong memory cards, ROM compatibility is nothing less than 99%. Kingston Micro SD range is well-known to work better than the SanDisk Micro SD cards.

Good interface

The GUI interface for R4 Card is very easy to understand and also highly functional. No other cards can offer something that comes close to it. You also don’t need to worry about getting lost in display settings and system menus since the creators of the RDS kept all things as simple as possible.

Advantages of R4 card

  • Easy to install – You will never find it hard or difficult to align the card with your gaming console. If you’re unable to align it smoothly or even have a doubt of what you have done, then it’s advised to always make use of the user manual which is usually given to you.
  • You can access the internet via this Cartridge – You can browse on many websites and also enjoy downloading more games. Therefore, you can easily amplify your experience through R4 card.

Disadvantages of an R4 Card

  • Incompatibility – Not all games that are able to run on an R4 card. A number of the games have got traps in them thus they’re hard to be hacked.
  • An R4 card can be slightly hard to get.

It’s pretty sure that buying an R4 card can absolutely satisfy all your needs for entertainment.

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What is an R4 Card?

An R4 card is a flash cartridge for the popular Nintendo DS hand-held system that allows booting of ROMs on the Nintendo-DS system from a normal micro-SD card. It gives users the ability to play previously backed-up games (e.g. Dscraft), run homebrew applications and/or store several games on one memory card.

In order to work properly, an R4 card needs to be fitted with a micro-SD that contains all the necessary firmware.

The original developer of R4 flashcards stopped the production of R4 cards which had the capacity of playing ROMs on the Nintendo-DS. Instead, the developer began producing new R4 clones such as R4 3DS (For Nintendo 3DS), R4 NES, R4 Gold and R4 DSi.

They are used in playing ROMs for a wide range of Nintendo platforms such as; Nintendo DSi, Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo DSi XL, among others.

Original R4 cards

It’s almost impossible to find original R4 DS series in the present-day market because the manufacturer stopped producing them several years ago. Some computer repair shops may still have them, although many hold onto them more as an artifact of a bygone era. However, it’s possible to find similar cards (clones) produced by other companies.

The R4 3DS, for instance, is a genuine card that was developed and also produced by the same company which came up with the R4 DS cards (they are no longer being produced).

Nonetheless, there are various R4 3DS clones, although they’re designed with less features and usually lack kernel updates/ firmware. These shortcomings effectively make them incompatible with the latest 3DS updates.

R4 3DS card

The R4 3DS card (also known as the R4i SDHC 3DS) is a clone of the original R4 card that works efficiently with the Nintendo-3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS consoles.

The R4i SDHC- 3DS card is quite popular because of its compatibility with Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSI. Additionally, it’s able to support Nintendo pirated games just like the original R4 –flashcard.

The latest R4 3DS is also able to update itself automatically via Wi-Fi.

Which R4 card should you buy?

  1. The R4i SDHC

This is the first card that was released for the popular R4 brand. It was developed by

The card is compatible with Nintendo DSi, DSi V1-4-5, DSiL, DS Lite and DS.

  1. R4i Gold, Ri Gold 3DS & R4i Gold Plus

R4i Gold is known as the golden edition of R4i-DSi card. It supports Nintendo DSi V1-4-5 and SDHC micro-SD card (with capacity of between 2GB- 32GB). Ri Gold 3DS supports DSi V1-4-5 and 3DS V4-5-0 while R4i Gold Plus is compatible with Nintendo 3DS, DS Lite, DSi and DS.

  1. R4 3DS, R4i SDHC 3DS & R4i 3DS

These are 3DS editions of the R4i DS and R4 DS. They are compatible with Nintendo 3DS, DS Lite, DSi, DS and DSiL. They can support high-capacity memory cards (up to 32GB).

  1. R4 DS

R4 DS is among the earliest versions of the R4 cards. It’s quite popular because of its ease-of operation and compatibility with Official Kernel. The card is ideal for people who love listening to music or watching videos. However, it can’t support a TF card that is larger than 2GB. Additionally, it’s incompatible with DSi and DSiL.

  1. R4 DS SDHC

This is an upgraded edition of the R4 DS. It’s able to support a memory card with capacity that ranges between 2GB- 32GB.


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Should Nintendo be able to block the sale of R4 Cards?

The R4 cards are actually the ultimate DS gaming card. This card makes it possible for a player to download from the internet DS games into a tiny micro SD card and into a DS game card. With the card, you can fit as much as 20 games in a single 1 GB card. Besides being very simple to use, the R4 is pretty simple to use and you do not need any special knowledge to use it. The card also makes it possible for illegal game copies to be downloaded and even played. Nintendo, an electronic and software company based in Tokyo, Japan has however taken to the court a bid to make illegal the sale and buying of the R4 cards.

For gaming enthusiasts, this comes as a big blow as the card has got quite a lot to offer to players. With the game card, a player can save on quite a lot of resources that would otherwise be spent buying game licenses and keys. The R4 which comes as a blank game card that can be stacked up with software and games is an item that takes gaming to a whole new level. The R4 can also be used to access re-live old school Gameboy titles as well as new releases. If Nintendo should win the bid to block the sale of these cards, then it would mean that all gaming enthusiasts have to kiss all of these goodbye. Players will therefore be unable to access pirated software and games. Buying each and every software would be the only way forward and this is pretty expensive.

The R4 Card also allows players to engage in games that are developed by bedroom developers. This therefore means that should Nintendo win the battle to illegalize the sale of R4 cards, then not only the players will be negatively affected but the bedroom developers too as they will find it hard to have their projects doing rounds.

Nintendo commenced their quest to curb the sale of R4 cards in Japan where the company filed a civil action against certain companies that are selling these cards. Besides demanding a stop on the import and sale of the items, Nintendo also demands that the companies that sell the R4s be compelled to pay for the damages caused. The company also claims that it is also their motive to help fellow software developers who spend a substantial amount of time and money developing software.

The company further asks for the help of the general public in stopping the sale of the R4 cards. This is due to the fact that tracking down sellers is not all too easy as some of them use the online platform to market and sell the crafty product.

The ability of software makers to stop the sale of R4 cards comes with different impacts on different groups of people. For the sellers of the R4s and gaming enthusiasts, it comes as a major blow while for some software makers, a block can be very advantageous.

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