How Can I Buy an R4 Card?

Before we get to buying an R4 card it is important first to explain what it is and also talk about its uses. An R4 card is an adapter used on handheld devices especially Nintendo to allow them to operate with larger memory. Enlargement of memory allows you to use more features like video players, music players and also enables you to store more image and video content. Gamers know it as the card that improves the working capability of the Nintendo gaming console and generally that’s what it does. The R4 card comes in two types:

1. The standard R4 memory card which works with Nintendo DS and
2. The R4i card that works with Nintendo DSi

The card also has further variations like the R4 advance, R4 deluxe, R4 SDHC, New R4, R4 DS upgrade and R4 pro which all basically work in the same way and are still R4 cards but the only difference being their different names. On the Nintendo device, the R4 card fits in the slot where the standard Nintendo card is inserted in fact it is of the same exact size as the Nintendo card. It can accept SD cards of up to 16GB but this is dependent on the version you have and on average it can hold 1 to 60 games at any one time depending on the size of the game.

How to buy an R4 card
It is important to buy R4 cards from an authentic and genuine source in order to get your money’s worth. The R4 card market is highly competitive and different companies try to outmaneuver each other in the fight for a bigger share of the market sometimes at the expense of quality. This makes the purchase of the card difficult since with companies producing low quality cards getting an original one can be challenging. Therefore before buying a card it is important to first do some research about the companies and compare the quality of cards they produce. The internet is a great tool that can be used for this research by checking the online reviews but an even better way is to visit online forums. This is because these are consumers communicating with each other and talking about their experiences with particular company cards including their disappointments and frustrations unlike reviews which are most likely skewed and possibly authored by the company itself. After you find the right company the next thing you do is look for a vendor who stocks that specific card you want and make the purchase.

Once you buy the card, the sale is not the only thing your vendor should do for you, he must also provide you with some kind of after sales service in that in case your card has a problem you can take it to them and they’ll take care of it. Also ensure the card you buy is compatible with the Nintendo version you have as mentioned above, R4 for the Nintendo DS and the R4i for the Nintendo DSi.

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