Should Nintendo be able to block the sale of R4 Cards?

The R4 cards are actually the ultimate DS gaming card. This card makes it possible for a player to download from the internet DS games into a tiny micro SD card and into a DS game card. With the card, you can fit as much as 20 games in a single 1 GB card. Besides being very simple to use, the R4 is pretty simple to use and you do not need any special knowledge to use it. The card also makes it possible for illegal game copies to be downloaded and even played. Nintendo, an electronic and software company based in Tokyo, Japan has however taken to the court a bid to make illegal the sale and buying of the R4 cards.

For gaming enthusiasts, this comes as a big blow as the card has got quite a lot to offer to players. With the game card, a player can save on quite a lot of resources that would otherwise be spent buying game licenses and keys. The R4 which comes as a blank game card that can be stacked up with software and games is an item that takes gaming to a whole new level. The R4 can also be used to access re-live old school Gameboy titles as well as new releases. If Nintendo should win the bid to block the sale of these cards, then it would mean that all gaming enthusiasts have to kiss all of these goodbye. Players will therefore be unable to access pirated software and games. Buying each and every software would be the only way forward and this is pretty expensive.

The R4 Card also allows players to engage in games that are developed by bedroom developers. This therefore means that should Nintendo win the battle to illegalize the sale of R4 cards, then not only the players will be negatively affected but the bedroom developers too as they will find it hard to have their projects doing rounds.

Nintendo commenced their quest to curb the sale of R4 cards in Japan where the company filed a civil action against certain companies that are selling these cards. Besides demanding a stop on the import and sale of the items, Nintendo also demands that the companies that sell the R4s be compelled to pay for the damages caused. The company also claims that it is also their motive to help fellow software developers who spend a substantial amount of time and money developing software.

The company further asks for the help of the general public in stopping the sale of the R4 cards. This is due to the fact that tracking down sellers is not all too easy as some of them use the online platform to market and sell the crafty product.

The ability of software makers to stop the sale of R4 cards comes with different impacts on different groups of people. For the sellers of the R4s and gaming enthusiasts, it comes as a major blow while for some software makers, a block can be very advantageous.

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